Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lots of things to blog about today! This may be a long one folks. Today I decide was going to be a day with big changes aka commitments. Like I need more commitments right? Well I am the type of person if I have something structured to rely on I will follow through. Kind of like why I am blogging, I am being held accountable by those of you that want to follow my journey.

I saw this on Pinterest today and I am going to do it for a visual for me. Each stone = .1 lb. So my goal is to lose 100 lbs. That will be 10,000 stones. Obviously I am going to have to get a lot smaller stones than the person in the picture has or I will have a ton of jars on my counter, or I could use a bigger vase instead I guess.

Second thing I did today was join Weight Watchers. Like I stated above I am all about structure and accountablity. Otherwise I will slip up. MOST of you know this about me. I think that is why I have gotten as far as I have. On the other hand I have been holding steady at my weight, I have not gone over 245 that I know of.

As you recall, when I started this journey I weighed in at 241. When I weighed in today (which was my weigh in day anyways) at WW I was 238.4. That means when I go get my stones tomorrow I will already get to start out with 26 stones!! How awesome is that!??! I also had my mom help me do my measurements tonight. So I can track that as well. With WW I get 37 points a day to eat, and 49 points extra weekly if I choose to use them. You also can earn more points with activity and use those if you choose to as well.

So after I left WW I headed to the gym since I was kid free. I did C25K Week 1, Day 3. Felt pretty good about it, but still playing mental games with myself. I can't tell you how fast my brain goes back and forth with "I can do this!" and "What the *#@$ are you thinking? You can't do this!" I know most people go through this and I will overcome it as well. I just hate the mental game you have to do with yourself over and over. I hope it gets easier down the road!

And with that I have been trying to find a picture/thought to leave you with for the past hour and can't find one that I want to post. I found one, but it wouldn't let me save it from the web. Oh well! I will leave you with all the addons I did tonight for now and we will see what I can come up with for the next post.

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  1. I had thought about doing the stone thing. It seems like a really great idea. Congrats on joining WW. I'm proud of you. Also for completing w1d3. We can do this. The mental games are hard. I deal with them day in and day out. We will get through it though! We got this!