Monday, January 23, 2012

New Outlook

OK So I went to my parents again to use the treadmill. Fred is sick so I didn't want him to have to watch the kids while I was gone at the gym and my parents like spending time with the kids, so I took them with me. As I was walking up the steps when we got there, something in my knee popped and I couldn't put weight on it going up the stairs. It felt okay walking though.

I was going to try my Nike+ app tonight but I don't know if it wasn't logging things right since my phone wasn't "moving" and I was on the treadmill. I think it would have worked fine if I was holding my phone and it was moving? Plus it was playing my music really low after I turned the app on.

I ended up walking 1.6 miles tonight at 3.3mph, figured I would take it easy on my knee. I did run for 2 minutes of it at 4.5 but my knee wasn't liking that too much. Hopefully it was a fluke thing for the night and I can get back with trying to go further in miles this week.

As I was walking tonight I was thinking about changing it up and walking a little slower like 3.0 or maybe even 2.7 a couple days a week. My reasoning behind this is to get more distance in now but taking it slower. Or should I just keep doing what I am doing and work my way up in a couple weeks? I mean I only have what 14.5 weeks left to train. So what are you runners and seasoned walkers in distances suggestions? Walk slower at first and get the miles in and work the speed up or keep going at the faster pace and shorter distances and work up to more miles? HELP!

I was going to have my mom help me do my measurements tonight and completely forgot. So maybe I will see if she has time to help me tomorrow. I know boring post tonight, maybe something fantastic will happen that I can post about! I know I am just starting out but its frustrating when it seems I am posting that I am not doing what I want to be doing. I suppose 1.6 miles is better than 0 right?


  1. Yes! Something is better than nothing. Always.

    Don't beat yourself up. This coming from someone who's an expert at beating herself up and then getting mad at herself for beating herself up and THEN beating herself up for it. Whew.

    My BIGGEST tip for anyone is to get on a plan...and STAY on the plan. Winging it has never worked for me. I've tried it several times and bombed big time. I had to cling to C25K with all of my being. It was my lifeline, no joke.

    Knee pain is also no joke. I don't know the specific kind your dealing with, but for mine, I find I can loosen my knees up a bit and keep running if I put a little bend in my legs. Kind of like a shock absorber. It uses a little more energy, but after a little bit, I can usually stand right back up in my normal stance and run.

    Don't be discouraged, girl. This is hard. It's not supposed to be easy. If it were easy, you'd get NOTHING out of it. I had to tell myself that a lot at first. "This sucks. It's supposed to suck. Running isn't even easy for people who are good at it. I'm in da club!" =)

  2. I am so proud of you and I would encourage walking at a medium pace, a little slower to begin and end with, but setting a goal each night. Like this week I would like to walk 2.2 miles, the first night time yourself, like you did it in 22 min, and then shoot for doing in in 21 or less the next night. Or say you will walk for 22 min, so make a goal of how far based on how much you went the previous workout. I like to play games with myself that way!! Just my thoughts!!! I will follow you and hoping you hold yourself accountable!!!! :) so proud of you!!! wish I could get this motivation!!!