Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workout #2

So I went to my parents again tonight and walked/ran on the treadmill. I sure hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this half marathon. I wanted to quit before the halfway mark on C25K tonight but I didn't. It does always get better when I hear "Halfway" and I think to myself, "I can do this for 15 more minutes!" I hope it sure gets easier as I go because right now with walking at 3.5mph and running at 4.5mph is about killing me (but like I said at the end I feel great that I stuck it out). Even Monday when I was wanting it to be over before it was, at the end I thought to myself, "That wasn't that bad, I could go a little longer." I did end up walking for about 15 more minutes after my app ended tonight as well. As you can see I keep going through these little struggles with myself of back and forth of how I can't do it, and I can, and I do. I am guessing this is normal??

 I did drink more water today, which is a plus. We did go to the museum this morning though and had lunch after the kids played. I wish I would have been stronger and gotten a salad or something but no, I got a piece of pizza. I suppose once in awhile isn't bad, I just need to be stronger when I am out and about.

I hope I don't bore you all and if there is something I am not documenting or telling you about just let me know. I am completely new with blogging so I have no idea what I am doing!!!


  1. Hey lady, good job! Yes, it's normal to want to quit. The glory of the C25K program is that there's an end. And when you finish each workout you get to say "DONE! Moving on..." (Or spend 9 months doing a 9 week program like I did.)

    And you're making yourself walk at 3.5MPH? Not gonna lie, my walk breaks on the treadmill are between 2.8 and 3.0. SLOW! It's a walk break. Let yourself take a break. That's my two cents.

    You got this girl! And blog about whatever you want to blog about. It's your blog. =)

  2. I did fluctuate at the end but at the beginning/middle I did 3.5 last night - I had it at that bc that is what the Central Park training session had it set at, so I tried it. But Monday I did 3.0-3.3 walking and 4.5 running, so it wasn't too far off.