Friday, February 3, 2012

Step By Step

I have to admit when I finally decided the name for my new post this popped into my head:

Who didn't love these boys? OK sorry for the nostalgia back to our regular programming. And I will probably have this song in my head for the rest of the day. Along with you if you listen to it, HA HA.

Wednesday I had my weigh in at WW, I gained 1.4 lbs. Not what I wanted. Expected? A little. I am going to have to email my WW Coach, I don't understand how I am supposed to get in all my points in a day AND get in all the fruits/veggies/water. Right now I am supposed to eat 37 points a day. I am having trouble meeting my 37 points since so many fruits and veggies have no points. Sometimes I feel like I am overeating. So hopefully he can explain that better to me or we can lower my points down.

Working out has been going okay also. I feel like I need to step it up a little bit. I posted earlier in the week that I kept feeling guilty about not going running one of the days, so after dinner I just said to myself "Stop sitting here thinking about doing it, and go do it!" So I did, it was the weirdest feeling to want to go running, but felt like I was holding out. It was a nice run in the neighborhood even though it was dark. There are few street lights throughout so I could see enough. I am going to keep doing the C25K, although I will be doing Week 2 Day 3 over one more time, as I didn't feel I did well enough on Wednesday. So on my other 2 days a week I am going to start walking a longer distance. My first goal will be 3 miles. I don't care how long it takes me to do it, I will get it done though. I have to start building my distance up before May 9th. I know I'm not supposed to do it too fast but I also don't have all the time in the world. Right now with the C25K I am getting in anywhere between 1.75-2 miles.

I did go to the gym last night and met up with a friend from high school (BL). I only did 7 minutes on the elliptical because it really set in that I am not a fan of machines. I just couldn't get into it more than that. Plus it didn't help that we got in the movie room at the end of the movie that was playing. So BL found that the rowing machine stretches your shins perfectly! The rowing machines were open so I hopped on, man I forgot since high school how much work those are! I do love them and how they work every muscle in your body though. I only lasted about 2 minutes on the rowing machine, but again, it was more to get my shins stretched. I did lift weights last night as well, arms and legs. All in all I probably got a 40 minute workout in.

My right knee has been bothering me the past couple of days too. It doesn't hurt walking or when I am running, but when I have to go up and down stairs it hurts to put weight on it. I manage and still put the weight on but hope that it's just a fluke thing with all the working out lately.

So here is to a better week! I have to keep making smart choices. Any healthy/go to/on the go snack ideas send them my way! Sorry if this post seems mumble jumbled or doesn't make sense. I am trying to fit this into my day quickly.

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you guys, I read something online, I forget where, but it was talking about the faster you move your arms, the faster your legs go. I felt this was a really good tip, now when I am running and feel like I have slacked off on my pace, I remember to move my arms faster. Then my legs automatically go faster, just a little tricking of my mind, but it helps!

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