Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Comfort Zone?

I apologize ahead of time that this post will be a wall of text!

This past week was kind of exciting! I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried quite a few new classes at the gym. Last Tuesday I tried the Step class, I liked the workout, but it was tough! I ended up having to take the risers out of my step and just use the step about 15 minutes into the class. I definitely want to go back to that class again. I skipped last night because I was just so exhausted and wanted to spend time with my family for Valentine's day. Wednesday I did a Biggest Loser DVD here at my house. It was an okay workout, got my heart rate up that's for sure. Thursday night I ended up trying the Zumba class at the gym, it was a lot of fun! I went with my friend Erin and convinced my cousin, Stacey, to go with me as well.

This past Monday night I went to Pilates with my Erin. Before we did Pilates, I went to the gym early with the intention to walk on the treadmill for 2 hours. Well I got on the first machine and it kept decelerating so I moved to the one next to it. It ended up doing the same thing. Instead of looking like a moron, and moving to yet another treadmill, I decided to do the bike. I walked .8 miles on the two treadmills and did 6 miles on the bike. The movie was over at that point so I got up and went to the locker room, checking the time to see how much longer it was for the class. I still had plenty of time so I stretched a bit and hopped back on the bike in the Women's area of the gym. I ended up doing 2 more miles, got off for a short break for more stretching, then did 2.5 miles more. So all in all I did 10.5 miles on the bike! We then went in for Pilates and WOW, maybe I shouldn't have done 10.5 miles haha! I was able to hang most of the legs workout but had to slow down and really push through in order to make it! The next day I felt okay, my shoulders were a little sore, and my legs were surprisingly not too bad. I couldn't believe how sore my abs were though! I didn't really notice that they hurt until I sneezed! Whoa! Hello ab muscles!!!

Today was weigh in day at WW, I lost another 3.6 pounds! Taking me to 6.6 pounds total for the month! I am only 5.4 pounds away from my 5% goal! I can't believe it! I will definitely be trying to reach that goal next week! Tomorrow I will be trying the Core Ball Class and I think I will do zumba or step in the evening! Hope everyone has a great week!

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